Documentary Photography Assignments

The first assignment for Documentary Photography was The Burning House project (original project can be seen here: The assignment was to take 4 photos: one of the things I would save if my house was burning down, one of the things a 30 year old would save, one of the things a 40 year old would save, and one of the things a 50 year old would save.

Recently, I finished shooting and editing an assignment for my documentary photo class. The assignment was to go to an event with a partner and take over 100 pictures and print out 5 of the best ones in order to tell the story of the event. Me and my partner, Sarah Lang (, went to the Cherry Blossom Festival Friday, March 23.

For assignment 3, I have to attend an event and take over 75 pictures, but I have to have 1 iconic image from the whole event. My teacher is talking about Pulitzer Prize worthy material here. I’m up against photos like this now:

All I have to say for myself is… gulp…